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About The Project

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Communication skills are a prior prerequisite for successful inclusion of children with disabilities into the mainstream educational system.

The ability to express thoughts and needs and empowerment are inextricably linked with each other.

The main intention of the partnership is to support teachers in how to choose and to use AAC in the classroom.

At the same time we will discuss and compare how parents´ involvement and transition into daily living can be organised.

Main activities in the partnership will be:

  • collect and compare existing and used AAC systems and devices
  • collect and compare AAC systems and devices for children with cerebral palsy having severe associated disorders, including visual and hearing impairments
  • exchange of experience about AAC in early intervention
  • define criteria for choosing a suitable system or device for different children and different syndroms
  • discuss and work out best ways of parents´ involvement and support - create an AAC forum for persons in touch with AAC.